Brook Andrew: The Right to Offend is Sacred


An exhibition of work by MADA Lecturer Brook Andrew, including many of his most memorable works, contextualised in exciting new ways, juxtaposed with formative works that have had very limited exposure.

Brook Andrew is an artist of considerable daring and flair whose work often confronts dangerous ideas, or questions conventional readings of the world. His constantly shifting, interdisciplinary practice challenges stereotypical notions of history, identity and race, without apportioning blame or guilt.

As a map that scopes, records and pinpoints great moments in Andrew's career, this solo exhibition will also include two new sculptures, enabling viewers to intuit future directions in the artist's ever changing practice. These sculptures, like much of Andrew's work, will draw on the artist's extensive personal archive and respond to important themes in his practice that issue from and resonate in books, objects, photographs and postcards, newspapers and the media. The exhibition will also confirm the importance of the collaborative process in Andrew's practice.

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