Laura Henno - Traversés

Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Brussels, 2023
For more than twenty years, Laura Henno's work has honed in on those parallel realities that are relegated to the margins of our present-day world, both in the form of photographs that are sometimes staged but always open to possible meanings and interpretations, and in films whose documentary approach circumvents the conventions of the genre. This is accomplished through the use of particularly innovative narrative and pictorial principles in the artist's approach, for instance, the posture of the bodies and the expressiveness of each individual's face, the play of light and the omnipresence of the off-screen, and the distinctly singular relationship with territory. "In my photographs, the exact geopolitical situations of the landscapes are portrayed in depth, yet they also serve as pretexts to approach a broader subject matter and interpretation of the interaction between the occupants and the occupied space. Beyond the notion of landscape, it is the question of territories and their boundaries-of people's trajectories-that lies at the heart of my photographs. The landscape is a canvas, it appears behind the clouds of dust that obscure the figures, in the blinding reflection of the lights, as well as in the wet earth that offers shelter while leaving its imprint on the photographed bodies.