Jessica Stockholder: Space Between

7 Janvier - 18 Février 2006 Cloître Saint-Merri I & II - Paris

Galerie Nathalie Obadia is pleased to welcome the works of Jessica Stockholder.

This is the artist's third solo exhibition at the gallery in France since 1996.

Jessica Stockholder was born in 1959 in Seattle and lives near Yale, where she is head of the Sculpture Department at the prestigious university.

Respected and exhibited in the most important international institutions, Jessica Stockholder has gained recognition for her work at the crossroads of sculpture and painting.

Shapes, colors, reinterpreted objects give rise to sculptures and installations where a nod to the history of art and humor attached to the daily environment of a Western way of life are present.

For this exhibition, Jessica Stockholder has chosen to show a group of sculptures/installations that were exhibited in two Italian public institutions in 2005: Galleria Civica D'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Torino and Palazzo Massari Ferrara, Torino.

Paintings composed of collages and different materials are exhibited and show perfectly the process of formal construction from different objects connected by painting.