Jean Dubuffet, Fabrice Hyber : hyberDUBUFFET

Galerie Nathalie Obadia is delighted to present hyberDUBUFFET, an exhibition conceived in close collaboration with the Fondation Dubuffet. Simultaneously held in our two Parisian galleries, the exhibition is a carte blanche to its curator Fabrice Hyber.

Following a joint reflection with director of the Fondation Dubuffet Sophie Webel as well as conversations with curator of the Centre Pompidou Françoise Guichon, Fabrice Hyber proposes to open a dialogue between Jean Dubuffet's work and his own.

Thanks to several pieces on loan from the Fondation Dubuffet and the kind contribution of private collectors, the hyberDUBUFFET exhibition features a wide range of major artworks along with more intimate ones from diverse periods of the artists' respective careers.