Galerie Nathalie Obadia is pleased to present OFF WATER, an exhibition curated by Guillaume Leblon. The exhibition gathers a selection of works by the gallery's artists, which includes Laure Prouvost, Agnès Varda, MEUSER, Joris Van de Moortel, Jorge Queiroz and Guillaume Leblon.

OFF WATER allows the unpredictable meeting of heterogeneous works. These connections open an ambiguous space, without common measure, except for certain forms, traces and structures which can suggest marine debris, carrying in them the memory of the hazards of the ocean. Several states of the sea seem to be expressed in the works exhibited: from the poetic representation of the shell by Laure Prouvost, to the fossilization of the living in the matter with Grand Spleen Vert (2022) by Guillaume Leblon, through the appearance of the shipwreck, an echo of childhood and enchantment, in La Cabane du Film La Pointe Courte, maquette d'Agnès Varda (2017).

The exhibition space OFF WATER is thus embodied as a place of fiction, in which the objects brought back from faraway shores, have multiple stories to tell.