Rina Banerjee: Look into my eyes and you will see a world unexplainable, out of place

24 April - 11 July 2009 Charles Decoster - Brussels

Galerie Nathalie Obadia is organizing the first exhibition of Rina Banerjee in Belgium.
Born in 1963 in Calcutta, India, she lives and works in New York.
This Bengali Brahmin first became an engineer before turning to the Plastic Arts and obtaining a degree from Yale (MFA).

Rina Banerjee is present since 2000 through important exhibitions: Whitney Biennial (2000), Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (2003), Brooklyn Museum Of Art (2004), "Fatal Love: South Asian American Art Now" The Asia Sociey and The Queens Museum of Art, NY (2005), "Greater New York Show" at PS1/MOMA, NY (2005), The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Connecticut (2008), "Art Unlimited", Art Basel, Basel (2008), "Pretty is as pretty does", Site Santa Fe Museum Contemporary, New Mexico (2009)

The artist creates an imaginary world where proliferate, in a chaos of his own, organic and plastic elements, crafts, souvenirs or colonial objects, posing, with complexity, the question of identity, between "blood" culture, ancestral and traditional and "host" culture from "pop culture".

The artist illustrates the paradox of the current Indian society, halfway between tradition and modernity and between ancestral principles and the global culture imposed by the West. The border between the authentic and the exotic is always subtle and poetic.