Fabrice Hyber - fête les 30 ans de l'Homme de Bessines

Fontaine des jardins du domaine national du Palais-Royal, Paris, France 5 April - 31 May 2022
Fontaine des jardins du domaine national du Palais-Royal, Paris, France http://www.domaine-palais-royal.fr/Actualites/Fabrice-Hyber-30-ans-Homme-de-Bessines

From April 5, discover 30 sculptures in the fountain of the gardens of the national domain of the Palais-Royal which pay tribute to the Man of Bessines, famous anthropomorphic sculpture, including the Woman of Bessines!

Created as part of a public commission initiated in 1991 in Bessines near Niort in the Deux-Sèvres region, the Men of Bessines have since been installed in several cities in France and abroad. Constantly multiplying, the sculpture, conceived from the outset to be diffused in an unlimited manner, has been deployed in several hundred copies, of varying sizes and appearances, all over the world (in China, Portugal and Shanghai).

According to Fabrice Hyber, representative of the Aquarian Age, symbol of exchange and relationship, the Bessines Man signals ecological commitment, fluidity, sharing and responsibility of each person as ways of living for tomorrow.

Trained as a scientist before entering the School of Fine Arts in Nantes, the artist conceives his work in the form of a gigantic rhizome that develops on a principle of echoes. Starting invariably from the practice of drawing and painting, he invests all the modes of expression and diffuses his work unceasingly from one medium to another: "It does not matter the materiality of the work, only its capacity to trigger behaviors".