Brook Andrew in Traços. Pintura aborigen australiana: tradició i contemporaneïtat: Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món

Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món, Barcelona, Spain 18 December 2021 - 15 May 2022 

"Traços. Australian Aboriginal painting: tradition and contemporaneity" has as its starting point a wide selection of paintings on eucalyptus scorch from the collections kept at the museum, made around the years 1960 and 1970.

Structured in three areas and preceded by an introductory space, the exhibition opens this selection of paintings to contemporary derivations and debates, such as the emergence of Australian Aboriginal art in the international art scene or the interest of contemporary artists of indigenous roots in this creative expression, as is the case of Brook Andrew and Judy Watson, in a critique of the Australian colonial past and neocolonial behaviors in general.

This line of discourse connects past and present, tradition and contemporaneity, visually and conceptually tracing how the Australian Aborigines -who have inhabited Australia for sixty thousand years-, in an example of continuity and change, have maintained their own ancestral culture and, at the same time, have been transforming themselves as different events have affected them.

The journey concludes with a profound reflection on Aboriginal culture in the contemporary works of Andrew and Watson, which propose alternative narratives and open the way to a new approach to traditional culture.