Laure Prouvost in Europalia Arts Festival: Brussels-South train station, Brussels

Bruxelles Midi train station, Brussels, Belgium 14 October 2021 - 15 May 2022
Bruxelles Midi train station, Brussels, Belgium

In your own time, tingalong, tingalong, Who's been here since I've been gone? is a sculptural body that turns with the wind atop a monumental tower behind Brussels-South station. This copper weathervane by Laure Prouvost oversees an illuminated sign suggesting that you too can let yourself be carried away by the elements and be more in tune with the directions they are guiding you towards. Trains directly altered our experience of time by introducing synchronised clocks in the stations, which replaced the different local times. Considering the parallel histories of the Industrial Revolution and women's emancipation movements in the nineteenth century, Prouvost wonders how one can substitute the forces of control that regulate the way we move in the world with softer, more intimate and unpredictable currents. Floating among the clouds, her visionary oracle is a harbinger of a world that privileges multiple viewpoints.