Guillaume Bresson in We Paint ! (group show): Beaux-Arts de Paris

Beaux-Arts de Paris, France 24 March - 24 April 2022 

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Jean-François Prat Prize, the Bredin Prat Foundation presents the exhibition WE PAINT! from March 24 to April 24, 2022 at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Paris. WE PAINT! is an exhibition on the effervescence of painting in contemporary art, independently curated by Cristiano Raimondi, who will also be responsible for the scenography.

The exhibition presents this state of contemporary painting through 33 French and foreign artists selected over the past 10 years by the Jean-François Prat Prize. Created in 2012, this Prize aims mainly to highlight contemporary painting and allow emerging artists of all nationalities to carry out their projects. This annual event is now the main international contemporary art prize dedicated to innovation in painting, in France.

The intention of the exhibition "WE PAINT!" is to bring together different experiences and current practices through the unique specificity of each of the artists presented, and to enrich the effervescence of the creation with the stories and narratives of each artist. Through careful research, both formal and conceptual, the curator has taken the liberty of linking works that are very different from one another but always intimately connected by the socio-cultural and historical context in which they were produced.

"Whether it is of a purely formal nature or whether it tends towards figurative representation, painting today plays a fundamental role, that of transforming itself into a "geopolitical mirror" of the "Human", putting artists from multiple horizons and cultures into dialogue.


Cristiano Raimondi