Laure Prouvost in Liquid Life - curated by Martha Kirszenbaum: Kistefos Museum - Norway

Kistefos Museum - Samsmoveien 41 Jevnaker, Norway 23 May - 17 October 2021 
Kistefos Museum - Samsmoveien 41 Jevnaker, Norway

Liquid Life is a group exhibition presenting the works of seven international visual artists -among which five new commissions-, and a collaborative sound piece, all inspired by a reflection on the relationship between humans and nature through postmodern ecology, eco-feminism and biology. The exhibition is rooted in the expression of 'liquid modernity', coined by the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman to define a postmodern world governed by immediacy and communication, which erodes the anchored ties between people and bodies by revealing the fragility of a society based on individualism and constant change.


Presented inside the Twist and in its outdoor surroundings, the exhibition connects the hypermodern architecture of the building to its natural environment in the mystical Norwegian woods that envelop it, highlighting the tangled relationship between nature and humankind and interrogating our ability to co-exist and evolve together.


Inspired by her project for the French Pavilion of the 58th Venice Biennale, Laure Prouvost has coated the floor of the Twist with bluish resin, ornamenting its surface with shattered technological junk, glass objects and found material from around the Museum. This immersive river of resin conveys the attention she gives to the natural and human elements that surround her.