Andres Serrano in Infamous: Fotografiska, Stockholm

Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden 21 January - 19 May 2022 

January 21 will see the opening of Andres Serrano's exhibition Infamous at Fotografiska. In these new works, the American artist confronts the racist history of white people. The exhibition will run until May 19 2022 and has previously been on display at Fotografiska New York.


History has proven that the past never remains in the past


The exhibition Infamous highlights the racist history of the United States. In 2019, the artist Andres Serrano discovered that items normalising blackface culture were living a life of their own on eBay. He began buying and photographing such racist artifacts. He uses these works to confront his country's history, reminding us of how racism both has and continues to manifest itself in various forms.


- History has proven that the past never remains in the past. There will always be groups of people who are marginalised and made scapegoats for all that is bad. To become more aware as a nation, we must once and for all look back and learn from the past," says Andres Serrano


Infamous is a portrait of racism and a peephole to a past that white people would prefer to forget.


- The shameful history of racism that Serrano presents in his works can lead to difficult but also productive and important conversations about how we can move forward in the issues he raises," says Jessica Jarl, Exhibition Producer Fotografiska Stockholm.