Laure Prouvost in Our elastic arm hold in tight through the claouds: Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

21 April - 8 August 2021

Laure Prouvost works with a richly imaginative artistic language encompassing film and installation as well as sculpture, sound and performance. She is known for her sensuous and evocative immersive installations where the boundaries between fiction and reality become blurred and the ambiguities of language are explored.

For Our elastic arm hold in tight through the claouds, Prouvost will transform Kunsthal Charlottenborg's entire north wing into a labyrinthine and other-worldly installation. Conceived as a total experience, centered around a new video installation, co-commissioned with the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) in Melbourne, the exhibition will introduce audiences to the spirited, absorbing and frequently humourous hallmarks of Prouvost's diverse artistic practice.

In this enticing exhibition, whispering, erotic voices will share the space with fragile glass sculptures, a Flemish tapestry, raspberry-eating fish and flowers unfurling their petals. At the centre of a rich assortment of architectural interventions, films, found objects, sculptures and signs, will be a new commission produced especially for the exhibition. A site-specific installation, centered around a major film work, Prouvost's new commission will take audiences on a journey above the clouds, to a universal dream space of expanded horizons, in which we may escape our physical realities, collapse distance, reach out and embrace each other once again.