Youssef Nabil in DIVAS, D'Oum Kalthoum à Dalida: Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France

12 May - 26 September 2021
Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France

Over an area of 1,000 square meters, the exhibition unfolds in four main moments. The visitor will meet successively the pioneering women and feminist avant-gardists in cosmopolitan Cairo of the 1920s; the divas with golden voices that were Oum Kalthoum, Warda, Fayrouz and Asmahan during the period 1940-1970; the cinematographic productions of "Nilwood" and the success of Egyptian musicals that consecrated divas actresses such as Laila Mourad, Samia Gamal, Sabah, Tahiyya Carioca, Hind Rostom or Dalida.