Façade : Laure Prouvost - KANAL Centre Pompidou

Kanal -- Centre Pompidou, Brussels, Belgium https://kanal.brussels/fr/evenements/musique/join-parade-0

This year, spring starts on the 25th of March.

The monumental work by Laure Prouvost, which will grace the KANAL showroom for the next six months, will be given a grand opening.
On the programme: music, plants, songs, seeds and megaphones work together.
A marching band with majorettes and choir members from Singing Molenbeek will march from St. Catherine's Square to Sainctelette.
Everything and everyone will melt together, marching decisively toward a softer future, banners at the ready.


Starting point of the parade:
Place Sainte-Catherine, 1000 Brussels
at 4pm.


While the future KANAL-Centre Pompidou museum is currently under construction, the scaffolding installed adjacent to the former building's showroom window has proven the perfect place to launch a new series of artworks in the public space. FAÇADE invites artists to create images that cover the entirety of what was previously the glass display windows of the Citroën garage and headquarters. Each of these works will create a unique conversation with the city for a period of six months. Covering more than a thousand square metres, these works are undoubtedly the largest of their kind in Brussels to date.


Laure Prouvost has been invited to inaugurate the series. For this first FAÇADE, the artist has composed a work in which flowers and plants emerge from the showroom's skeletal depths, creating a post-apocalyptic garden. Here and there among the teeming flora, voluptuous flesh and tentacles appear, while flags bearing slogans undulate in the wind. At the tips of the vines, two flowers come face to face while the words "we belong" hover below them.