Benoît Maire in Paris Peinture — Ici et Maintenant

MABA, Nogent, France 12 January - 26 March 2023 
The Paris Peinture project, initiated by Karina Bisch and Nicolas Chardon, brings together fourteen artists whose practice is essentially (but not exclusively) in the field of painting. After two initial "episodes" at the Quadrilatère de Beauvais and the Galerie Jean Brolly, the exhibition presented at the MABA with the subtitle Ici et Maintenant aims to show the temporal boundaries within which this practice is circumscribed (1984 - 2023): from the first work - the one from which the work emerged - to the last, most recent work, for each of the artists.
Paris Peinture - Ici et Maintenant thus brings together paintings that do not resemble each other, that trace diverse histories which, when brought together, constitute "histories of painting(s)" or rather "paintings of histories" according to the proposal of the author Thomas Clerc who tells us twenty-six of them. Are they fictional, inspired by the works in the exhibition? The visitor is free to connect the dots of what painting can be today, at a time when the medium is regaining a place in the art scene that it had somewhat lost in recent years.