Antoine Renard in Citations

Centre Jacques Brel, Thionville, France 29 September - 26 November 2022 
Centre Jacques Brel, Thionville, France Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm
Works of art are both discoveries and sources of inspiration.
Famous artists such as Van Gogh, Manet and Dali have created some of their greatest masterpieces by taking inspiration from the work of others. Across the ages and across techniques, appropriation and reinterpretation are now recognised as movements in the history of art in their own right. Stimulated, artists question, rethink and reinterpret the creations of their peers to propose a new and singular variation. By intentionally modifying pre-existing objects or images, they show that inspiration can give rise to innovations as unique as they are surprising. The artists in the exhibition Citations have found their influences in both classical and modern works, using painting, video, sculpture or even 3D modelling.
By proposing works that stimulate the senses, imposing formats or the diversion of symbols in an innovative way, Puzzle and the Centre Jacques Brel invite the visitor to take part in these new encounters with art history.

Hermine Bourdin

Jacques Callot & Erik Desmazières

Gaël Davrinche

Olivier Masmonteil

Antoine Renard